2011 news

15.12.11 We had a second round of ultrasound done today for Iti and everything is good. This time we saw 5 puppies for sure, so puppy reservations are welcome 

11.12.11 We finished our 2011 show year with a traditional puppies and veterans Christmas show. This is unofficial show organized by Estonian Kennel Union for puppies, juniors and veterans. This year we had 258 dogs participating. From our kennel we had entered Maybe in puppy class and Stormy in junior class, both of them were BOB of their breed. Maybe was first to enter the finals ring and did it with the style, being finally placed as BIS-4 Puppy.

Then it was Stormys turn to show the quality and his fantastic movement. I can’t still believe it, Stormy won the juniors BIS and then was selected as the BEST IN SHOW of the whole show. Thank you Anne Klaas for this unforgettable memory and everyone who were there.

04.12.11 Our Stormy had a successful Finnish Winner 2011 show, 48 basenjis entered under judge Gerard Fox (Ireland), Stormy was exc, cq, BM-4 and FIJW-11. Fantastic result of a young boy who was only 10 months and 4 days old and the youngest in the ring.

26.11.11 Stormy and Maybe were entered in Narva all-breed national show. Stormy got his second jun-cc with being BOB-jun and BOB. Maybe was once again BOB-puppy 

We are happy to let you all know that Farlanders B litter is expected in the middle of January 2012. For more info check out Farlanders B litter.

05&06.11.11 We had another successful show weekend, 2X Tartu Int show. On Saturday Mia exc, BB-2 and res-cacib and Stormy exc, BM-4, under judge Claudio De Giuliani from Italy, 15 basenji’s entered. On Sunday Mia exc; Stormy exc, first Jun-CC, BM-2 and BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR-4 at the age of 9 months and 1 week under judge Anatoli Zhuk, Belorussia. Thank you all who were there 

30.10.11 Mia and Stormy were entered to the ”ZOOEXPO’2011” International Dog Show in Riga Latvia, under judge Marja Talvitie from Finland. Stormy was first time entered in a junior class at his 9 month birthday, being almost 1,5 month younger than others, he got nice critique and was jun ex/3 + promotion price. Mia showed her style once again, being ex/1/ CQ, CC, CACIB + BOB. Mia was also selected to the group finals, but was not placed.

15.10.11 Stormy was entered last time in puppy class in 15.10.11 Rakvere all-breed national show. We had grandmam Tiina Taavitsainen there to show him. Stormy ended his puppy career with a big bang being BIS PUPPY at Rakvere show, thank you so much Natalya Sedyh for judging and Tiina for perfect showing.

What a career in puppy class, together 9 shows – 6 placements in finals – 2 X BIS PUPPY, 2 X BIS-2 PUPPY, 2X BIS-3 PUPPY. So proud of my little prince, junior class her we come 

09.10.11 We had a great show weekend! On Sunday Šiauliai (Lithuania) all-breeds national show, 13 basenjis enterd under judge Elžbieta Augustyniak (Poland). Stormy BOB puppy, Jaro ex-1, CC and BOS; Mia ex-1, CC and BOB. Stromy BIS-3 puppy and Mia BIG-3 under Ms. Augustyniak. Jaro (BISS Ch Bulldobas Blockbuster) is now brand new Latvian & Lithuanian Champion  Mia will be also LV&LT CH when she turns 2 years old and gets her last CC from Estonia.

08.10.11 On Saturday Valmiera (Latvia) all-breeds national show, 7 basenjis entered under judge Monika Tauraseviciene (Lithuania). Stormy BOB puppy, Mia – ex-1 CC and BOS. We had a pleasure to have a handsome visitor from Germany with us Jaro (BISS Ch Bulldobas Blockbuster), who was ex-1, CC and BOB.

We had unbelievably successful show weekend at Tallinn Int Shows on 20 & 21 August. Stormy had his fourth and fifth show, entering the ring at the age of 6 months and 3 weeks and Mia was entered first time in intermediate class at age 19 months. On Saturday 9 basenjis were entered under judge Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia. Our successful day started by Stormy being BOB Puppy and the day got even better when Mia gain her first CACIB and was BOB. And then Stormy DID IT, showing us all what he is capable of. Stormy was BIS-1 Puppy under Mrs. Kadike-Skadina.
And also Mia showed us that she has everything what is needed by being BIG-4 by Mrs. Kadike-Skadina

On Sunday our success continued having the same results from the basenji ring as Saturday under judge Jelena Kruus from Estonia, so Mia got her second CACIB. At that point the weekend had been unbelievable and got even more incredible when Stormy did it again being BIS-2 Puppy on Sunday under judge Aleksei Belkin from Russia.
What a weekend, I just don’t have words to describe it, thank you judges and friends for this unforgettable weekend.

07.08.2011 Stormy had an another successful show at Kohtla-Järve all breed national show on 06.08.2011. Being only basenji entered there under Mrs. Valentina Ivanistseva from Russia. Once again Stormy got very lovely and promising credit and judge loved him so much that she said she would give this puppy already a CACIB if she could:). So pleased with my little prince.

We had a fantastical weekend, your little prince Stormy turned 6 month and participated his first dog show on his birthday. 2 X all breed national dog show at Ülenurme on 30&31.07.2011. On both days Stormy was BOB Puppy and got very promising credit. He started his career with a big bang by being BIS-2 Puppy on Saturday and BIS-3 Puppy on Sunday, under judges Stelios Makaritis from Greek and Bozena Ovesna from Czech Republic, respectively.

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